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Kai Zen Jyouzai is the best company in generic pharmaceutical company, with a presence in over 2 countries and throughout all key therapeutic categories. Our unwavering commitment to ethical manufacturing fuels our continued growth as a worldwide formulations and API leader. Our 15 cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in India, Are held to worldwide standards and play an important role in enabling us to provide cheap and high-quality healthcare. To address increasing patient requirements, we follow the science and are motivated by research and innovation to produce a comprehensive variety of medications in both branded and generic formulations, biotech products, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), and specialty pharmaceuticals

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Key Therapeutic Areas

Kai Zen Jyouzai has developed a place in a variety of therapeutic disciplines during the last two decades. Today, we are also one of the top pharmaceutical businesses in diabetes, cardiology, respiratory, and ophthalmology, among other disciplines, pioneering best-in-class treatment regimens.


By providing access to inexpensive mission-critical pharmaceuticals, we have played an important role in decreasing disease burden across major therapeutic areas. Several Kai Zen Jyouzai products are among the best 100 brands in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market. Beyond the pill, our various patient-centric programs strive to educate patients, raise illness awareness, and facilitate disease monitoring and treatment.


The Kai Zen Jyouzai biosimilar initiative aims to make high-quality biologics more inexpensive and accessible to patients worldwide. Etanercept, our flagship medicine, is an injectable biologic that is now marketed in Japan and India.

Specialty Drugs

The shifting landscape of patient requirements and illness complexity provides opportunity for branded specialty medications in specialized therapeutic areas. Women's health in the INDIA and rare illnesses in the European Union have been recognized as key emphasis areas for our specialist plan. We continue to concentrate on increasing the reach of our existing items and expanding our range with new niche products


Our OTC businesses throughout the India, such as Kai Zai Jyouzai Consumer Care in India and Pharmacy, are dedicated to giving consumers value-based products that suit their needs and improve their quality of life. We provide both Rx-to-OTC and straight OTC solutions, backed by a strong distribution network, to meet the expanding demands of consumers. Our portfolio includes a wide range of distinctive items, ranging from bowel regulators and intimate hygiene solutions for women to health supplements for men and a variety of personal sanitisation products.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Kai Zen Jyouzai is an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) producer in India and a prominent supplier to worldwide organisations and governments in over two nations. Our API capabilities are distinguished by superior chemical skills, a dedication to quality, and cost-effective manufacture. Our expertise in API manufacturing also allows us to remain backward integrated with our formulations production and provide a steady supply chain to satisfy demanding client needs, making us one of the most dependable API partners in the world.

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